ST: CDA 6938 Mutli-Core / Many-Core Architecture and Computing






Some of the course notes are based on the lecture notes of ECE 498AL from UIUC.


o      Introduction


o      Guest lectures from Mike Mantor of AMD (slides)


1.     AMD HD4870 Architecture

2.    Brook+ and CAL

3.    DirectX 11 and OpenCL


o      Brook+ (part I, updated part II, Performance modeling)


o      Compute Abstraction Layer (CAL)


1.    Introduction

2.    CAL Kernel Programming

3.    New features with RV770


o      Nvidia G80 Architecture and CUDA programming model


o      Nvidia G80 memory hierarchy, control flow, application performance


o      Cell architecture


o      Cell programming


1.    Introduction to Cell Programming Models


2.    Hello world


3.    SIMD/vector programming and Histogram equalization example


4.    DMA (Hand-on experiences: part 1, 2, 3, 4) (from IBM)


5.    Cell Program Performance Analysis (static & dynamic profiling)


6.    Cell Programming Techniques & Porting Tips


o      A summary of multi-core/many-core architectures


o      Parallel programming patterns


o      An introduction to Larrabee


o      Programming Multi-Core CPUs