Proposal Presentation Schedule


A Parallel Implementation of MSER detection (L. Cao)

Ray Tracing (T. Litwiller)

Background Subtraction Using Gaussian Mixture Models (J. Liyanage)

Real-time Ocean Wave Simulation (S. Marinkas)

Chinese Arithmetic (J. Mee)

Discrete Cosine Transform (C. Mitchell)*

Volume Ray-casting (M. Nijasure)

Geometric Image Transformation (O. Oreifej)

Navier-Stokes equation for simulating fluid dynamics (K. Ramakrishnan)*

Image Matching using Hausdorff Distance (A. Shah)

Canny Edge Detection (A. Wade)

Demosaicing (P. Xiang)

Triangulation and Ray Tracing (Y. Xiong)

GPU Simulator (Y. Yang)

Spatial tone mapping in high dynamic range imaging (Z. Zhao)

Bilateral Filter  (M. Zielinski)


* The presentation will be delayed due to students travel.